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Open Pit: Why doesn't it become a tourism place?

by Joko Gunawan Posted on June 17, 2015

What is OPEN PIT? If looking at from the picture, it is a trace of tin mining. Yes it is.. Open Pit was used for the tin company from Australia in 1971-1985, and then was delegated to Germany company,Preussag GmbH of Hannover. They used this place as a center of operation of tin mining until 1989. This place becomes unique because actually it is Mount Kik Karak, which had so much tin inside. Therefore, the company made a huge excavation in the peak of the mountain. This place is in Kelapa Kampit District in East Belitung.

Why they made the place like that? It was the way how they brought the stones to the truck. The early history of modern tin mining actually began when Dutch Government gave the exploitation's rights to the company of Billiton (Belitung), which was established on September 29, 1860 in Holland to operate in Bangka and Belitung. Many European came to visit this place long time ago.

Nut now, there is no more the busy activities in this place. Only a big hole as the memory of the two of companies, and now is being ignored. However, many people like to visit this place to see the beautiful scenery. This place has been the object of photographer and now this place become a tourism object in East Belitung

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