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The City of 1,001 Coffee Shop

by: Joko Gunawan | Posted on June 17, 2015

Why The City of 1,001 Coffee Shop? I think it is the city of rainbow troops. Yes, you are right. Belitung is the city of rainbow troops, but also called as the city of 1,0001 coffee shop, especially in Manggar, East Belitung

So, why can Manggar get that title? Manggar got this because having so many coffee shop that no one knows the exact number of the shops. Government might also not know about it.

The coffee shop in manggar is going to be more and more. If you go to Manggar, you will see how many people hang out in there. Just come and see if you don't believe it. The owners of the shops never worried not to get the customers, because they are clever, they know when the time to open and close the shops.

Having many shops and customers, it will never to finish the stock of coffee. Because they import coffee from Lampung. The price of coffee is not that expensive. a glass of coffee is only 3000 IDR, and a coffee with milk is 5000 IDR. For its taste, your tongue will never lie. It is definitely delicious!!

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