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Tourism Object in East Belitung

by: Joko Gunawan | Posted on June 17, 2015

What is the tourism object in East Belitung? When people hear about Belitung, they directly mention about the beautiful beach in Laskar Pelangi movie, which is Tanjung Tinggi Beach. Sure we cannot lie the beauty of this beach. However, this beach is in West Belitung, not in East Belitung. But if you come here, you need to see all of the beaches

So, what is the object for tourism in East Belitung? Actually Belitung and East Belitung have the same attractive objects. Because Belitung is surrounded by the sea. So the beaches are beautiful, especially if you go with your soulmate, it will be more beautiful. We begin from the beach. You need to know that all of beaches in Belitung are still natural, white sands, and having beautiful and big rocks of granite I still have no idea who arrange these kind of rocks in these beaches. I am still wonder until now

a. Nyiur Melambai Beach: located in Lalang village, Manggar and it's approximately 90 Km from the airport. The line of the beach is quite long that will allow you to see the all beauty of the beach.

b. Serdang beach; located in manggar and close to modern market of Lipat Kajang. It is 80,5 km from the airport. With the characteristics of smooth sands and the color of the sea is vary, from green to blue. That makes this beach beautiful. On the other side, this beach is fulfilled by the shops who sell about the traditional foods of Belitung. You also can swim, snorkelling and fishing in this beach

c. Burong Mandi beach; located in Damar and is 77 km from the airport. Having so many pinus trees makes this beach is a great place for family. They like to sit under the tress while eating and enjoy the time with family. There is also a place for kids to play, and have many shops providing many traditional foods.

d. Bukit Batu; located in Damar and is 70 km from the airport. From the name, it should be so many stones both big and small rocks in this place. To visit here, you need to climb the hill.

Beside the beaches, you also can enjoy the beauty of the lake. For those who stay in the big cities is surely difficult to find this place. Danau Mempayak: located in Damar and strategically is in middle way of Manggar and Tanjungpandan. This lake has a very clear water, which is good place to relax, while also having some food provided from the culinary shops around the place.

If you don't want to go to beach or lake, you need to see the place for inspiration. This place is called MUSEUM KATA, having many inspiring and motivating words created by Andrea Hirata. Who is he? He is the well-known writer in national, even International. His book under the title of Laskar Pelangi had been filmed in the cinema. Because of him, now Belitung is famous with Laskar Pelangi. On the other side, this MUSEUM KATA is located in his house before in Selinsing Village, Gantung. When you come inside this house, don't tell me if you don't get an inspiration

On the other hand, there is another object that you can visit, namely Dewi Kwan Im temple. This is the place for Buddhism people to pray. the age of this temple is approximately 300 years old. This place is located in Burung Mandi beach. To reach the core place of this temple, you need to climb 83 of the stairs

Then you are not wondering anymore. he next step is waiting for you in East Belitung

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