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Knowing the Regent of East Belitung

by: Joko Gunawan | Posted on June 17, 2015

There is no affection without knowing each other. That is what people say when beginning their introduction. However, is it true? hehe.. need to do a research.
By this opportunity, i would like to invite all of you looking at my Regent of East Belitung.
The first one was Mr. Asri Matsum, S.Sos. He put the basics of government until January 6, 2005; and the second one was Drs. H. Usman Saleh, MM, on his duty until August 3, 2005

While the third one was Ir. Basuki Tjahaja Pusnama, MM. Nowadays he is governor of The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. He is well known with the name of AHOK. He is based on Gantung, East Belitung

Today, my Regent is dr. BASURI TJAHAJA PURNAMA, M.Gz, Sp Gk for 2010-2015. He is a younger brother of Ir. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, M.M.
His experiences as following:
1. the Member of Indonesian Medical Doctor's Association, East Belitung( 2001 s.d Sekarang )
Working Experiences
1. Sales AUTO 2000 Jakarta ( 1994 to 1994 )
2. Head of Health center Mengkubang ( 1999 to 2001 )
3. Medical Doctor of Health Center in Manggar ( 2001 to 2003 )
4. Medical Doctor in RSUD East Belitung ( 2008 to 2008 )
5. Kasubbag Kepegawaian Beltim ( 2008 to 2009 )
6. Kepala Bidang Binkesmas & Promosi Kesehatan Dinkes Belitung Timur ( 2001 to 2010 )
7. the Regent of East belitung ( 2010 s.d Sekarang )

1. the First Best medical Doctor in Belitung Timur Year 2001 ; Tanjung Pandan, 12 November 2001 in commemoration of National Health's Day ( HKN ) XXXVII Year 2001 Belitung
2. the first Best Medical Doctor when working as PTT or Contracted Medical Doctor in health center of Mengkubang Belitung

Well, when seeing the description of the Regent of East Belitung. It might be the affection of you will appear, then go help and respect each other.

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