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East Belitung at Glance

by: Joko Gunawan | Posted on June 17, 2015

Belitung is divided to be two regencies, namely East Belitung and West Belitung. Belitung historically was the island having so many kingdoms. For instance, the Kingdom of Badau with Datuk Mayang Geresik as the first King in the 15th century; the Kingdom of balok with the first king of Kiai Agus Masud atau Kiai Agus Gedeh Ja'kub from the Kingdom of Mataram Islam; another kingdom was Belantu's Kingdom which was a part of the Kingdom of Balok with the First King is Datuk Ahmad in 1705-1741; and the last kingdom is Buding's Kingdom, which was also a part of the Kingdom of Balok with Datuk Kemiring Wali Raib as the First King

Now, coming back to east Belitung, is the regency having a territory approximately 17.967,94 Km2. The number of people in this region is 106.432 people, consisted of 55,361 male and 51,071 female. Based on the law and regulation No 5 Year 2003 that Manggar is the capital city of East Belitung. This regency has many districts, consisted of Manggar, gantung, Dendang, Simpang Pesak, Simpang Renggiang, Damar, and Kelapa Kampit

How to visit East Belitung?
The best way to get there is by plane. There are some flights everyday from the airport of Soekarno Hatta Jakarta directly to Tanjungpandan Belitung. The flight is approximately 45 minutes with air ticket's price between 450,000 IDR - 750,000 IDR for one way. It depends on the class you book. Another alternative is from Pangkal Pinang Bangka to Tanjungpandan Belitung with air ticket's price around 400,000 IDR. After landing to the airport of Hananjoedin of Tanjungpandan, you take a van, or travel agent to go to East Belitung, which is about 1-1,5 hours to Manggar city

Things you need to know that, the destination flight is Tanjungpandan (Tanjung Pandan), and not Pangkal Pinang (bangka) or not Tanjung Pinang (Bintan). People often get wrong when seeing the name of it. Belituang and Bangka is different island, and Bintan is in Riau Province

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