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The Background of the Establishment of Belitung raya Foundation

There is no success without its challenges. It is what succeed people always say about. However, these sentences cannot be said by the Government of East Belitung, Indonesia due to many challenges to reach that success. Belitung Timur is the regency having a territory approximately 17.967,94 Km2. The number of people in this region is 106.432 people, consisted of 55,361 male and 51,071 female.

With the number of the people in this region, many phenomena are happening as following:

Increasing number of jobless people
This problem is not only in East Belitung, but also in the province of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia. It is due to the lower status of Tin Industrial in the province. Whereas all people mostly get a job from the mining sector. So, it impacts to the low economic of this province. In the end, the number of jobless is increased. On the other hand, this problem also is caused by a few job opportunities compared to the job seeker in this region. In 2010, there were 2.195 people are jobless. This problem is also related to the bankrupt companies.Therefore, it needs a great effort to open the new job opportunities and change the mindsets of the society in order not to rely on mining sector only.

Lower Health Status among society in East Belitung
This condition could be seen from the criteria as following:

  • There is still maternal and child mortality in East Belitung. It was about 4 mothers in 2007, 2009, and 2009. Stroke prevalence is higher (the same percentage with Jakarta- 9.7%). This number tells the weakness of the health care system. Therefore, it needs to maximize the role of health professionals, such as midwives, nurses, and general practitioners
  • Low status of nutrition for newborn, children, and women with pregnancy; and there is also communicable disease and non-communicable disease. Top diseases in the last two years include Acute Respiratory Inspection, Hypertension,Gastritis, rheumatic, asthma, diarrhoea, malaria, and many other diseases. Therefore, it is important to do health promotion and prevent the disease
  • Still many unhealthy houses with low sanitation, and no health water sanitation. Most of people do not have awareness to have clean and healthy living behavior. It surely needs the touch of public health or community nurses to increase people's awareness about the important of clean and healthy living.
  • Low evaluation for drugs and food. It is absolutely the role of the government. However, this foundation aims to promote how to check the expired date of drugs and choose the healthy food, remembering today there are many foods mixing with plastics

    Increasing number of poverty in East Belitung
    In 2010, there are 2,010 families with poverty. This indicator might be related to the number of jobless. So, to open new job opportunities and empower people are needed

    Higher number of aging society
    The number of aging people in 2010 is 6,600 persons who is increased from the number of aging people in 2009, 5,059. It indicates the need of health professions' roles to increase the quality of life of aging society

    lack of Bachelor-based Education
    This condition makes young generation always go out from the city, and find better education in the big cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. It shows that the education in East Belitung is left behind. For instance, until today for health education, Belitung only has Nursing Academy with Diploma degree. Whereas Bachelor nurse is really needed to improve the quality of nursing care in Belitung

    Lack of research and publication
    It might be related to education school's level in Belitung. The Diploma school's level doesn't teach about research. So, it can convince that there is no research or publication has been conducted. Today, the publication is limited to only the survey result from the related organization, such as Department of Health. However, survey result only shows the descriptive of phenomenon, not even to see the significant relationship or predicting factors related to the phenomenon.

    Lack of awareness of people to exercise
    The source of disease usually comes from ourself, our life style (food, sleep, and exercise). It cannot be denied that normally we are too difficult to do exercise. So, it needs a motivation or at least providing facilities for exercising

    Lack of Youth's role in the society
    The technology today is influencing the life of young generation. Is it a problem? No. We cannot avoid the technology today. What we need to do is just to control it, both time to use and the benefit of the use of technology. We need to see that the majority of people are muslim, and they like to go to Masjid. So, we just need to encourage them with that technology. It means bringing technology in their activity for socialisation, training for public speaking, or many other activities

    Lack of intention of students to learn English
    Tourism is a great potential in East Belitung, especially the beauty of the beaches. The number of tourism is increased per year, such as in 2009 there were 2,865 people coming to Belitung including the International tourists. This opportunity actually can be benefit for the society. We just see the example in Bali, most of people around the beaches can speak English and they provide many tourism packages for the tourists. Now, we need to increase the English proficiency of the society, especially for the young generation

    Many holes due to the tin mining
    This condition without being fixed is just the holes with no benefit. It is really bad to see from the air. This actually can be utilized for fish forming or many others.

    Looking at many problems in East Belitung makes the founder need to establish this foundation to help the government and to help and empower the people in the city. Problem with no great effort to fix it is still a problem. We need to do something

    The Government of East Belitung. Plan of Medium term Development of East Belitung. 2011-2015.

  • The phenomena in East Belitung that we need to solve together through this foundation:

  • Increasing number of jobless people
  • Lower Health Status among society in East Belitung
  • Increasing number of poverty in East Belitung
  • lack of Bachelor-based Education
  • Lack of research and publication
  • Lack of awareness of people to exercise
  • Lack of Youth's role in the society
  • Lack of intention of students to learn English
  • Many holes due to the tin mining
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