Correction Notice

Dear Readers and Authors,

To ensure the completeness of the details of the authors' name, affiliation, correspondence address, and other metadata, as well as the correct citations and reference formats in the pdf version of the articles, BNJ team have checked each article since the first volume in 2015.

The articles that have changes due to minor errors were given a footnote in the first page of the article. Minor errors do not impact the reliability of, or the reader’s understanding of, and the scholarly content. The minor errors included:

  • minor layout changes/fixes.
  • typos or grammatical issues that were in the main body of the manuscript and did not affect the content or meaning of a sentence.
  • minor fixes in references as long as the reference stays essentially the same.
  • updated metadata in the pdf version as long as it did not change the metadata in the system, particularly for authors affiliations and correspondence addresses.

The articles that have changes due to major errors were given a separate erratum. Major errors impact the interpretation of the article. Major errors also include typos in title and numbers. The erratum provided clear details of the errors and the changes that have been made to the Version of Record. Under these circumstances we have:

  • corrected the online article.
  • issued a separate erratum electronically linked back to the corrected version.
  • added a footnote to the article displaying the electronic link to the erratum.
  • paginated and made available the erratum in the online issue of the journal.

The evaluation and correction were conducted from 19 June 2020 to 13 July 2020. The publisher regrets for the omissions and errors in the past. In case if there is another correction in the future, please feel free to send us an email (for the readers) or a corrigendum (for the authors) if needed, and also check BNJ policy on article correction for the update.

Best regards,

Managing Editor

Dr. Joko Gunawan